Marblue Montessori Academy believes education is a partnership between school and parents. Parents are always invited and encouraged to observe the children at work in our classrooms. There are also a number of events throughout the year where we come together as a community and which we strongly encourage parents to participate in. 

We have orientation at the beginning of the school year. This lets parents meet the teachers and each other, learn about the school and its policies, and lets parents know what their child will be doing the coming academic year.

Throughout the year there are multiple parent nights, observation opportunities, parent visitation days where children present their favorite lessons to their parents and both work can together with the materials; there is our Fall Festival, Winter Play, there are open house days, Science Fair, Blue Week, Mother's Day and graduation to name a few.

We schedule formal parent/teacher conferences three times per year to go over progress reports, however parents can request a conference and progress report at any time throughout the school year.