"The Upper Elementary is a warm and safe environment for the children to learn, I love the fact that he feels love for learning." -Valia F.

"...Peaceful, neat, beautiful environment and the kids are happy and proud of keep it this way, we love this school, thanks for the opportunity to share their learning environment with us. Thank you for the patience and love you put in your students." -Liz P.

"...Amazing to see how she is starting to read, tell time and how fast she is developing all of her skills. Love the Montessori Method. Wouldn’t put my kids anywhere else. Great job MMA!!" -Natalie M.

"Always love coming here. Watching and participating in the Montessori learning process amazes me. Very effective, everything organized and beautiful. I love how organized and calm she is, always thirst for learning. Thanks for everything!" -Alejandra P.

"...so happy she is part of the Marblue family! Love the teachers! All are great! Thank you for teaching her with love and patience. You inspire her to love to learn!" -Sylvia C.

"Awesome! I am glad I made the decision to go for this kind of education. Very grateful with the teachers and the school. Great way of learning. We are so privileged to have our children in MMA.” -Ivel F.

"Very happy to see how focused the children were, the independence and organizational skills, it is great to see the confidence with his work. You do a wonderful work here. I am very grateful that my son is able to experience this kind of environment." -Jason V.

"Today I had the pleasure of observing my child learn division, I am delighted that he is enthusiastic about learning. Ms. Ann is an amazing teacher. i leave today feeling as though I learned along with my child." -Lisa L.

"This was a very nice and a beautiful experience, we love to work in the classroom and the important thing is that our son is learning a lot and he is very happy."  -Monica S.

"My daughter is always interested in going to school every single day, and when I see the kind of work she does here, I undestand why. I am very happy with the school and its environment. Your strive for excellence is noted." -Martin P.

"I am very happy to have my child at your school learning the Montessori way." -Emily F.

“I am always so touched when you have events for the parents. It really means so much and I know the children enjoy it. So I want to thank you and all the amazing teachers. No matter how many Marblue parents I speak with, we always come to the same conclusion: we choose Marblue, hands down.” -Heather R.

"Your school and teachers have done so much for my son, I can not thank you enough." -Laura K. 

"Thank you for opening up your beautiful school for me to observe & explore! I really enjoyed seeing how your teachers use the Montessori materials & how the children move around the classroom so independently." -Leslie K.

"Ms Mariana, your presentation was so incredibly informative and insightful for all the parents in so many different ways. I left tonight feeling encouraged and enlightened that there are people like you that are passionate about education and truly value what every young mind (and young heart) has to offer for the world.   Thank you so very much!" -Shana F.

"Thank you for taking the time out today to tour us around Marblue Montessori Academy. Everyone, including the students, were so welcoming and nice. You have a beautiful school! We are lucky to have such a fantastic educational institution here in Hollywood." -Susan R., Assistant Director, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood