Why Montessori?

Do you ever ask yourself...

How can a school prepare my child for life in the 21st Century when our global society is changing so rapidly? 

Did you know...

Three-fifths of today’s elementary-aged children may end up doing jobs that haven’t been invented yet?! It is becoming apparent that rote memorization, learning subjects in isolation, and not having learning tied to authentic experiences are models of the past. We have heard that we need a new model of education.

There has been a great amount of information written about the “21st century school” stating that people will need to develop: A “deep vein of creativity that is constantly renewing itself… a myriad of people who can imagine how people can use things that have never been available before…. A world in which comfort with ideas and abstractions is key…A world where people think creatively and innovatively while working with people from many different cultures.”

Traditional schools of the 20th century do not meet this mark. A woman ahead of her time, Maria Montessori, understood that children already think creatively and innovatively. What child is not constantly asking, “Why?” The sad fact is that many children lose that curiosity during their school years. 

Marblue Montessori environments are designed to foster concentration, independence and mastery of lessons; with our daily three hour uninterrupted work cycle. At our school we encourage learning through movement, collaboration and discovery, because children work in a respectful, ordered, and organized environment.  

Social interaction, collaborative learning, peer teaching and leadership happen spontaneously everyday, due to the mixed age groups. Social skills (grace and courtesy and peace education) are not taught as subject matter, they are an integral part of everyday life for our MMA students. To learn more about the Montessori method and our school, please call today and schedule a visit. We would love to talk to you!